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Word Example of - father

    Example Sentences for father

    After the dissolution of the University of Wittenberg his father was transferred to Halle in 1815.

    His father had lost it and had died, bewildered and hungry of soul.

    In neither his father nor his mother was there any weakness, nor in the generations before them.

    It will be a pitiful journey to take Sara back to his father.

    Then Father Giang was frightened, and took back his promise.

    "Even if your father were alive, Jimmy, it couldn't be the same," answered Pen.

    His father—he was a part of myself, he could divine my every thought.

    Come, children,” said their father, “it is an hour past your bedtime.

    He was so like his father, too, as he lay there,—no great guarantee for success in life was that!

    But your father says the charter arrangement is ended, and you may go where you like in your steamer.

Word Origin & History of - father

    Word Origin & History of - father

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