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Word Example of - fatigue

    Example Sentences for fatigue

    That night, overcome by fatigue, strange as it may seem, we all slept soundly.

    She did not mind the fatigue of mounting to the very top of the house.

    They numbered seven hundred men, and were exhausted with hunger, thirst, and fatigue.

    No fatigue, no injustice from his fellow-men could stop him.

    His father was dropping with fatigue, and might at any moment fall from the saddle.

    "Something," answered the bravo, seating himself with signs of fatigue.

    But fatigue and wonder, at length, produced their effect, and the vessel was silent as was usual at that hour.

    He complained of feeling fatigued, and yet he had nothing to fatigue him.

    "Sir, I shall die over the job," had for a long time been the complaint of the minister worn out with fatigue.

    This shows that fatigue alone made her desist from her beloved work.

Word Origin & History of - fatigue

    Word Origin & History

    fatigue 1660s, from Fr. fatigue "weariness," from fatiguer "to tire," from L. fatigare, originally "to cause to break down," later, "to tire out," from reconstructed adj. *fati-agos "driving to the point of breakdown," from Old Latin *fatis (of unknown origin, related to adv. affatim "sufficiently" and to fatisci "crack, split") + root of agere "to drive" (see act). Related: Fatigued; fatiguing.