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Word Example of - fatigued

    Example Sentences for fatigued

    Having been slightly ill on leaving camp in the morning, six or seven hours of rough riding had fatigued me extremely.

    I was in poor health on leaving Venice, and the journey had fatigued me exceedingly.

    Children, to whom many subjects are new, are often fatigued by these overstrained and misplaced efforts.

    He looked worn and fatigued, she thought, and there was a new unrest in his expression.

    Their ammunition began to fail, while their light companies were so fatigued as to be almost unfitted for service.

    A soldier, no matter how fatigued, is never too tired to eat.

    Fatigued after having gone twenty paces, she sits down out of breath.

    But you are fatigued and excited: don't pronounce in too much haste.

    "I wished to come here yesterday, but I was not able, as I was too fatigued," continued Aramis.

    We took two days for our return, and thus I was not at all fatigued.

Word Origin & History of - fatigued

    Word Origin & History

    fatigue 1660s, from Fr. fatigue "weariness," from fatiguer "to tire," from L. fatigare, originally "to cause to break down," later, "to tire out," from reconstructed adj. *fati-agos "driving to the point of breakdown," from Old Latin *fatis (of unknown origin, related to adv. affatim "sufficiently" and to fatisci "crack, split") + root of agere "to drive" (see act). Related: Fatigued; fatiguing.

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