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Word Example of - faultless

    Example Sentences for faultless

    His attire was neat and faultless, consisting of black frock-coat, grey trousers, and a small lay-down collar.

    In saying this, I only say that they were not faultless; which of us is?

    But Csar wrote and spoke with a faultless taste and a distinction that no training could impart.

    I wonder if there is any other place in Sicily so faultless as Sta.

    Apl beseeches Indras, loved by her, to make for her a beautiful and perfect (faultless, unimpeachable) skin.

    Her face was lovely, save when distorted by passion, and her form was faultless.

    The eldest daughter received us with great friendliness and, to our surprise, in faultless German.

    She was standing before him, faultless in demeanour, in posture, and in dress.

    Beneath that faultless black dress-coat there lies the soul of a Beau Brummel or a Nash.

    Here is a chance for you to do the honors of your city in a manner which is faultless.

Word Origin & History of - faultless

    Word Origin & History

    faultless 1520s, "having no blemishes or imperfections," from fault (n.) + -less. Meaning "having no blame, culpability, or guilt" is from 1570s. Related: Faultlessly; faultlessness.

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