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Word Example of - faux-pas

    Example Sentences for faux

    The truth is, I executed rather a faux pas over there at Asquith.

    And had I committed a faux pas in refusing to deliver up the little bag?

    A stirring modern drama in which the evil effects of a faux pas on the part of the heroine lead to dramatic developments.

    Your Grace saved me a faux pas there, for Montaiglon is not what I fancied at all.

    Concerning Bainbridge, consult Faux's Journal, ante, note 109.

    Even supposing that her brother has committed some faux pas?

    The combination of the faux bourdon and the remnant of the organum gives us the foundation for our modern tone system.

    To stumble, make a faux pas, and fall into sin was not possible, because it was not allowed.

    Was this candid young barbarian but a faux bonhomme after all?

    In short, if ever a faux bonhomme existed, Sir John Bell was the man.

Word Origin & History of - faux-pas

    Word Origin & History

    faux from Fr. faux "false" (see false). Used with English words at least since 1676 (Etheredge). Used by itself, with French pronunciation, from 1980s to mean "fake."

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