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Word Example of - favor

    Example Sentences for favor

    Next to the dance, some form of musical diversion was in favor.

    The conventionalization in favor of what is amusing must always be recognized.

    He flattered himself that his appearance would win him favor.

    "Give me the wind," is a prayer that the wind may be in his favor, so that the game may not scent him.

    In my own mind that was the strongest argument in favor of Leithcourt's innocence.

    It was that protest which decided the battle of wits in my favor.

    Now his superior leg-power would count heavily in his favor.

    The representatives of both parties were eager to show them favor.

    "I will hear what you have to say," he said, weakly clutching at this last hope of favor among the convicts.

    Or will you favor us by your personal influence and by your official rank?

Word Origin & History of - favor

    Word Origin & History

    favor c.1300, from O.Fr. favor, from L. favorem (nom. favor) "good will or support," coined by Cicero from stem of favere "to show kindness to," from PIE *dhegh-/*dhogh- "burn." Meaning "thing given as a mark of favor" is from 1580s. The verb meaning "to regard with favor" is from mid-14c. Related: Favored; favoring.