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Word Example of - favorable

    Example Sentences for favorable

    Just how favorable an impression he had made he did not himself suspect.

    The "Law of Manu" can lose its authority where it is favorable to women!

    The rudeness to their persons, practised by their enemies, is certainly not favorable to the character of the latter.

    The reaction was favorable to a development of sensuality and materialism; also of art.

    When he reached this higher ground he did not, however, halt at the first favorable camping-spot, but went on and on.

    Pray be composed, madame, and let us hope for a favorable change.

    If they were favorable all was well, and the captive became at once a member of a family and clan and of the tribe at large.

    Whatever issue the Clarke men were favorable to, the Crawford men opposed.

    A strong-built vessel was easily procured, and a favorable voyage soon transported them to Feroe.

    Their answer was favorable, and on September sixteenth he left Auxonne.

Word Origin & History of - favorable

    Word Origin & History

    favorable mid-14c., from Fr. favorable, from L. favorabilis, from favor (see favor). Related: Favorably.

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