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The Synonym of - fawn (noun)

Word Example of - fawn

    Example Sentences for fawn

    The pileus is wood brown to fawn, clay color or isabelline color.

    Her foot and ankle are perfect, and the springy step is light as a fawn's.

    The deer finally worked up in gun shot, and they proved to be an old doe, a yearling and the doe's fawn.

    The fawn, far more desirable than its elder, could be had for the mere finding.

    They had a fawn, which had followed Brown home along the beach, feeding on leaves from his hand.

    Phil must have spoken to the fawn, for she is very suspicious.

    Her fleet young steps carried her lightly as a fawn over the grass, and down the path which led to Susy's cottage.

    He found a fawn, but the doe was close by and made an ugly fight for her young.

    It was a fawn coat with brown velvet collar and cuffs—a beautiful coat, Tommy thought.

    The spot of the fawn, of the bird, and the moth, may be harmless.

Word Origin & History of - fawn

    Word Origin & History of fawn

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