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Word Example of - fearless

    Example Sentences for fearless

    Then we will send some of these fearless men back to help you.

    She considered him with fearless eyes; the beauty of them was all he could endure.

    Nor do I doubt he would, if the fearless confidence with which he inspired his troops could have protected his life.

    It was noted as a land of cowboys, wild horses, and fearless men.

    He was fearless, energetic, self-reliant; and it was manifest that he was endowed with mental powers of much native strength.

    Thus children were early taught to be self-reliant and fearless.

    Men waiting the advance of death—resolutely, fearless, hopeful.

    It was the fearless sincerity of the remark that frightened her.

    Constantine was no longer at the helm, fearless, respected, and dominating.

    To this most honorable and fearless gentleman of the highways!

Word Origin & History of - fearless

    Word Origin & History

    fearless early 15c., from fear + -less. Related: Fearlessly; fearlessness.