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Word Example of - features

    Example Sentences for features

    These were the two features which in my experience proved most effective in reclaiming the offenders.

    The features of the town that most struck me in the course of the day were these.

    The doctor stalked up to me; I thought I knew his features and voice, but my sight and hearing were still confused.

    Emotion passed over their features like ripples over a stream.

    As she sat watching the features of Kosato, and giving way to passionate grief, she thought she perceived him to breathe.

    Rose composed her features into a settled gravity, and went to meet her.

    The pain which distorted Dark's face when he lay writhing from the heatgun blast was gone from his features.

    It was a daguerreotype, faded and silvered; but the features were those of his wife!

    Look at my face more attentively, and see if the features do not resemble those of a man much known to you formerly.

    His features, as well as complexion, were totally unlike the rest of the tribe.

Word Origin & History of - features

    Word Origin & History

    feature early 14c., from Anglo-Fr. feture, from O.Fr. faiture "fashion, shape, form," from L. factura "a formation, a working," from pp. stem of facere "make, do, perform" (see factitious). Sense of "facial characteristic" is mid-14c.; that of "any distinctive part" first recorded 1690s. The verb sense of "make special display or attraction of" is 1888. Related: Featured; features; featuring.