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Word Example of - fee

    Example Sentences for fee

    To secure the fee of the land itself a second purchase was required.

    Fanny offered him his fee; he blushed, and peremptorily refused it.

    She gave him the letter, and a fee that made him stare, and was gone.

    "All right," said Nan, turning calmly to the driver who was waiting for his fee.

    And then, at the first possible moment, we paid our fee, and went inside the tent to see the animals.

    As Ida Mary paid him the $20 fee, he stood there for a moment sizing us up.

    These priests judge such cases as the division of property for which he charges a fee.

    He never took any fee, nor did he ever accept any casual patient.

    Upon filing such application the applicant shall pay to the Minister of the Interior a fee of five dollars.

    Lands in New-Brunswick are held in fee simple or free socage.

Word Origin & History of - fee

    Word Origin & History

    fee late 13c., from O.Fr. fieu, from M.L. feodum "land or other property whose use is granted in return for service," probably from Frank. *fehu-od "payment-estate," in which the first element is cognate with O.E. feoh "money, property, cattle" (also Ger. Vieh "cattle," Goth. faihu "money, fortune"), from PIE *peku- "cattle" (cf. Skt. pasu, Lith. pekus "cattle;" L. pecu "cattle," pecunia "money, property"); second element similar to O.E. ead "wealth." Sense of "payment for services" first recorded late 14c. Fee-simple is "absolute ownership," as opposed to fee-tail "entailed ownership," inheritance to some particular class of heirs (from O.Fr. taillir "to cut, to limit").

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