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Word Example of - feeble

    Example Sentences for feeble

    André, the youngest of the brothers of Vassili, a man of feeble character, now alone remained of the royal princes at court.

    Old was King Lygni now, and feeble was his grasp upon his people.

    His grandmother, knowing that she was too aged and feeble to take care of him, gave him to the Home.

    Their wings are feeble, and they are of a dull, inactive temperament.

    As they neared the well they began shouting, and a feeble cry from the depths answered them.

    He put out two feeble hands, and the panther was already on the leap.

    Woe to him who is arraigned in secret by the tears of the feeble and oppressed!

    Even the Indian could perceive, from his feeble voice and emaciate steps, that he was not far from the grave.

    It was weak and feeble—a little girl, and it needed her care.

    Three hours passed away, and his feeble voice was heard calling his companions to his side.

Word Origin & History of - feeble

    Word Origin & History

    feeble late 12c., from O.Fr. feible, from L. flebilis "lamentable," lit. "that is to be wept over," from flere "weep." The first -l- was dropped in O.Fr. by dissimilation.

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