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Word Example of - feebleness

    Example Sentences for feebleness

    It was the last phase, the feebleness, the wanness, the inertia!

    To her frenzy had now succeeded a sickness and feebleness like unto death.

    He had no hope of being believed; moreover, the grim eye of Hawes rested on him, and no feebleness in it.

    After observing the feebleness of his position, I made up my mind that I had won the victory.

    Iron and adamant are not stronger than these arguments; nor can any one attempt an answer without exposing his feebleness.

    I might, in my feebleness, be compelled to let it go, and then—.

    Every accusation except that of dulness or feebleness has been brought against Mr. Busoni, and with justice.

    You accuse him in your own little mind of feebleness, and so forth.

    The hmatemesis continued for some days, and then feebleness and emaciation set in, death occurring in three months.

    Feebleness and failure in prayer is a sign of feebleness in the spiritual life.

Word Origin & History of - feebleness

    Word Origin & History

    feebleness c.1300, from feeble + -ness.

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