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Word Example of - feint

    Example Sentences for feint

    Earl pretended to be making violent efforts to hurl Ensal off of himself, but this was merely a feint.

    And your sending for your cousin was only a feint to protect me?

    Von Hindenburg's attack on the Russian left was a feint to cover a great turning movement on the Russian right.

    The party returned to their barrack, laughing heartily at the success of their feint.

    Grizel made a feint of unrolling the calico under cover of an upraised arm.

    Was it the feint of a bashful girl, or was he himself dreaming?

    It was a feint, she thought, histrionics for the gallery, perhaps for her.

    “More likely to make a feint somewhere,” I heard the General say to my father.

    The feint had been dexterous and the thrust was sudden, straight and unexpected.

    And yet it was ministered to, in a dull and abortive manner, by all who made this feint.

Word Origin & History of - feint

    Word Origin & History

    feint 1670s, from Fr. feinte "a feint, sham," from O.Fr. feint, originally fem. pp. of feindre (see feign). Borrowed early 14c. as adj., but now obsolete in that sense. The verb "to make a sham attack" is first attested 1833. Related: Feinted; feinting.

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