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Word Example of - felicitation

    Example Sentences for felicitation

    But on going to congratulate "our Lincoln," the deputation found him easy and incredulous on the felicitation.

    It has been suggested that we send him a wireless despatch of appreciation and felicitation in the name of the association.

    It is, perhaps, a matter for felicitation that Mr. Kelly has been his own autobiographer.

    The interview passed on a note of felicitation, until the very end.

    She was not thinking of the kind of felicitation that had been implied when she had sent Evie the teacloth.

    All nobles who used to pay visits of felicitation, now shunned her house and gathered at the mansion of Udaijin, near her own.

    I opened it eagerly—to enjoy the expected message of felicitation from home.

    Your felicitation, benign, though doubtless gold at heart, is set in a doubtful frame.

    So when Kermit rode in with the news late in the afternoon it was a time for felicitation.

    Now I write these things to you from Smyrna, by the hand of the Ephesians, who are worthy of all felicitation.

Word Origin & History of - felicitation

    Word Origin & History

    felicitation 1709, noun of action from felicitate. Related: Felicitations.