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Word Example of - felt

    Example Sentences for felt

    The darkness was so intense that it could be felt like a mist.

    I felt kind of worked up about him then, but I didn't do anything.

    Vivian, in spite of his philosophy, felt the excitement of the moment.

    But it did not take long to tie them up, and then Clif felt safe.

    But now that she knew of it she felt very acutely the difference it had made in Vere.

    Then they were a short distance from the wreck and felt a trifle safer.

    Now she felt so sure of it that it was beyond contempt of question.

    "I felt so sorry for him," she said, in a low, trembling voice.

    I felt my way down the wide, dark staircase in my pursuit of zephyrs.

    One cannot say much when one feels as deeply as those two felt then.

Word Origin & History of - felt

    Word Origin & History

    felt O.E. felt, from W.Gmc. *feltaz (cf. M.Du. vilt, O.H.G. filz, Da. filt), from P.Gmc. *peltaz "something beaten," from PIE *peldos- (cf. O.C.S. plusti), with a sense of "beating."

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