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The Synonym of - feudatory (adjective)

Word Example of - feudatory

    Example Sentences for feudatory

    Twice a year his barons came to his court, as feudatory judges, the first faint beginnings of the Échiquier de Normandie.

    He will be, as of old, a feudatory of an avaricious Native monarch.

    The count of Flanders thus became a feudatory of the empire as well as of the French crown.

    The King of Aragon held his kingdom as feudatory to the pope.

    Vassal also denoted originally, a tenant or feudatory of a superior lord.

    Although a feudatory of the Holy See, he was not a Roman, and he was a prince.

    A feudatory Sovereign indeed; but yet independent so long as my dues of homage are duly discharged.

    The Jew, often acquiring wealth in commerce, might become valuable property of some feudatory lord.

    Bastar is divided into two portions—that held by the Raja or chief himself, and that possessed by feudatory chiefs under him.

    No credible reason is historically assigned for the action of the Japanese feudatory.

Word Origin & History of - feudatory

    Word Origin & History of feudatory

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