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Word Example of - fiasco

    Example Sentences for fiasco

    Every inlet of the Pacific is watched, after the fiasco of the Chapman.

    If you pry away some of the wall to spy on them, you get the fiasco I was just rewarded with.

    After that fiasco at the Michaels ranch, he'd had to get a new aide.

    This fiasco, due, I am told, to the jealous interference of the P.-L.

    When his "Sigismonde" had been hissed at Venice, he sent his mother a fiasco (bottle).

    Her first real failure, a fiasco—she really deserved a better fate.

    There in the crowd was 99 Marie Lanning laughing herself sick at this fiasco of Sahwahs playing.

    Her great grandmother was a Fiasco, and her great great grandmother a Disgrazia.

    The great reception arranged outside was a fiasco; the evening banquet was indefinitely postponed.

    "Not the slightest fear of a fiasco this time," says Potts, comfortably.

Word Origin & History of - fiasco

    Word Origin & History

    fiasco 1855, theater slang for "a failure," by 1862 acquired the general sense of any dismal flop, on or off the stage. Via Fr. phrase fiare fiasco "turn out a failure," from It. far fiasco "suffer a complete breakdown in performance," lit. "make a bottle," from fiasco "bottle," from L.L. flasco, flasconem (see flask). The reason for all this is utterly obscure today, but "the usual range of fanciful theories has been advanced" [Ayto]. Weekley finds it utterly mysterious and compares Fr. ramasser un pelle "to come a cropper (in bicycling), lit. to pick up a shovel." OED makes nebulous reference "alleged incidents in Italian theatrical history." Klein suggests Venetian glass-crafters tossing aside imperfect pieces to be made later into common flasks. But according to an Italian dictionary, fare il fiasco used to mean "to play a game so that the one that loses will pay the fiasco," in other words, he will buy the next bottle (of wine). That plausibly connects the word with the notion of "a costly mistake."

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