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Word Example of - fibber

    Example Sentences for fibber

    I do not know if, as you say, they ride on broomsticks; but I'll tell you this: My father was no fibber.

    "It's here, you fibber," his daughter cried merrily, persisting in her search.

    You are a classical scholar when you use hyperbole and a 'fibber' when you exaggerate.

    Fib′ber, one who fibs; Fib′bery (rare), the habit of fibbing; Fib′ster, a fibber.

    You cant do anything now without making me out a fibber, retorted Eleanor.

Word Origin & History of - fibber

    Word Origin & History

    fib 1610s, of uncertain origin, perhaps from fibble-fable "nonsense" (1580s), a reduplication of fable. The verb is attested from 1680s. Related: Fibbed; fibber; fibbing.

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