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Word Example of - fickle

    Example Sentences for fickle

    Mackenzie inquired, not in the least displeased over this outreaching of justice after the fickle old man.

    He must always think me fickle, and you will always condemn my weakness.

    Let us turn away, then, from this fickle standard, and look to reason enlightened by the Word of God.

    Louis, the king, was as fickle in his affections as he was unyielding in his mastership.

    But what is there in life so fickle as the breath of popular favour?

    Man in sooth is a marvellous, vain, fickle, and unstable subject.

    Essentially, all men are fickle, like you; but not with such perceptiveness.'

    He hasn't a fickle nature; he doesn't seek for variety and novelty.

    We say, "As fickle as the weather," but the meteorological laws are pretty well defined.

    All was gray, a fickle gray, which faded before the fixed gaze.

Word Origin & History of - fickle

    Word Origin & History

    fickle O.E. ficol "deceitful," related to befician "deceive," and to facen "deceit, treachery." Common Gmc. (cf. O.S. fekan, O.H.G. feihhan "deceit, fraud, treachery"), from PIE *peig- "evil-minded, treacherous, hostile" (cf. L. piget "it irks, troubles, displeases," piger "reluctant, lazy"). Sense of "changeable" is first recorded late 13c. Related: Fickleness.

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