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Word Example of - fiction

    Example Sentences for fiction

    All this, B found very tiresome, and cared only for the lightest kind of fiction, when she read at all.

    Let fiction, at least, cease with life, and let us be serious over the grave.

    (f) Omitting book numbers for fiction saves a vast amount of time and sacrifices little.

    If Smaltz had been the villain of fiction, he would have been a coward as well.

    Ancient mythology venerated the olive tree above all others, and invested it with many charming bits of fiction.

    But while fiction is specifically the most transient of forms, generically it is the most permanent.

    But, as truth is stranger than fiction, so life contains anomalies and monstrosities which simply p. 19set logic at defiance.

    Dear John,—I have a good subject for a work of fiction in petto.

    With the yellow card in his hand, he went over to the fiction section of the open shelves.

    It is one of the finest pieces of American fiction that has been published for some time.

Word Origin & History of - fiction

    Word Origin & History

    fiction late 14c., "something invented," from L. fictionem (nom. fictio) "a fashioning or feigning," from fingere "to shape, form, devise, feign," originally "to knead, form out of clay," from PIE *dheigh- (cf. O.E. dag "dough;" see dough). As a type of literature, 1590s.

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