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Word Example of - fictional

    Example Sentences for fictional

    In fictional narration, verisimilitude is absolutely essential.

    In turn, these affect the behavior of characters in the fictional world.

    Dropping my fictional plans for the time I became the historian.

    The animal, awake, has no fictional escape from the Real because he has no imagination.

    Lengthy description is not only inimical to a reader's interest; it is perfectly useless in a fictional sense.

    While 'Stephen Poore' is a fictional character, he is real enough in some ways.

    It is simply a fictional background for a series of fiction-stories.

    She left him waiting in the hall, while she went to make her fictional enquiries.

    A fictional chronicle, based almost entirely on facts, of a trail herd that tried to get to California in the fifties.

    They are fictional and in a sense only parts of the territory.

Word Origin & History of - fictional

    Word Origin & History

    fictional 1843, from fiction + -al (1).