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"fifty-fifty Synonyms"

What is a better word for fifty-fifty? What's another word for fifty-fifty? What are 5 "fifty-fifty synonyms"? How can I replace the word fifty-fifty? What is the meaning of fifty-fifty in English?

Word Example of - fifty-fifty

    Example Sentences for fifty-fifty

    The chairman of the committee then asked him the proportion of the two ingredients, and he said fifty-fifty.

    The proceeds is to be cut up fifty-fifty as between me and him.

    This threat to disrupt his fifty-fifty plan brought him out of something that was like stupor.

    But if either of us will do, that'll give us each a fifty-fifty chance to escape your toils.

    You promised that if we would share our lives with you, you'd go fifty-fifty with us on your financial security.

    Perhaps in only a minimum of cases will the load ever be divided “fifty-fifty.”

    Or perhaps I should say that fifty-fifty was about the way it stood when we started in at the game.

    Why, boss, by fifty-fifty ah means one rabbit and one hawss.

    It is made up of a bunch of boys who put all their parcels in together and go fifty-fifty on everything.

    In other words, you think we have a fifty-fifty chance with the police?

Word Origin & History of - fifty-fifty

    Word Origin & History of fifty-fifty

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