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What is a better word for figurative? What's another word for figurative? What are 5 "figurative synonyms"? How can I replace the word figurative? What is the meaning of figurative in English?

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    Example Sentences for figurative

    His ideas come forth clothed in their figurative language, and do not bring it along neatly tied up in a separate bundle.

    The reason which he gave for this was figurative and Indian-like.

    Perhaps, also, a figurative phrase for ornamenting the article in question with stripes.

    It has two meanings, the one usual and obvious, the other figurative.

    For the figurative arts there was no true place in either of these regions.

    With this figurative expression Mattha settled himself for the drive.

    Is freedom or liberty more freely used in a figurative sense?

    It was no figurative expression to say that he kept open house.

    In its figurative sense it can be used to describe a series of incidents calculated to shock or to stun by the enormity of them.

    It was with me in a figurative—which was worse than actual—sense all the day.

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    Word Origin & History

    figurative late 14c., from Fr. figuratif, from L.L. figurativus, from figurare (see figure). Of speech, language, etc., "involving figures of speech," from 1845. Related: Figuratively