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Word Example of - figure

    Example Sentences for figure

    I tore myself away from the staring, curious eyes of the figure.

    Careless how ill I with myself agree, Kind to my dress, my figure, not to me.

    I exclaimed, as we encountered a figure that was perfectly familiar to me.

    It was too dark to recognise them, but she thought that one figure was Pinto Silva.

    The figure of the girl in the prow of the hindmost boat was blurred and indistinct.

    Framed in an opening of the curtains which covered one of the windows was the Figure!

    However, figure to yourself Corot fully embarked on his career as a painter.

    He stopped, and then a figure stole out from behind a stone.

    Or was it that the figure itself was luminous by some light from within?

    It was the figure of a Giant and no one knew who he was nor where he had come from.

Word Origin & History of - figure

    Word Origin & History

    figure early 13c., from O.Fr. figure, from L. figura "a shape, form, figure," from PIE *dheigh- "to form, build" (see dough); originally in English with meaning "numeral," but sense of "form, likeness" is almost as old (mid-13c.). The verb meaning "to picture in the mind" is from c.1600. Related: Figured; figuring. Philosophical and scientific senses are from L. figura being used to translate Gk. skhema. The rhetorical use of figure dates to late 14c.; hence figure of speech (1824).

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