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Word Example of - film

    Example Sentences for film

    The film of mist that is hanging a few holes out, and the suspicion of a nip in the air, are fine.

    My recommendation is to make a film record and plant them, but I'm too tired to argue.

    Allow the steaming mordant to remain in contact with the film two minutes.

    It was different from the film books photographed in the answer house.

    The supply was limited and on this account one film had been apportioned to certain territory.

    Rythar, according to the film, was one of a score of colonies established by Earth.

    When developed some months later, the film held absolutely no trace of the mighty mountains that had risen so proudly before it.

    Our movement recorded on film is the re-concretized abstraction.

    When developed, the film shows a blur of certain dimensions, produced by the flame from the charge.

    "The latest chapter of the film," he said bitterly, throwing the switch.

Word Origin & History of - film

    Word Origin & History

    film O.E. filmen "membrane, skin," from W.Gmc. *filminjan (cf. O.Fris. filmene "skin," O.E. fell "hide"), extended from P.Gmc. *fello(m) "animal hide," from PIE *pello-/*pelno- (cf. Gk. pella, L. pellis "skin"). Sense of "a thin coat of something" is 1577, extended by 1845 to the coating of chemical gel on photographic plates. By 1895 this also meant the coating plus the paper or celluloid. First used of "motion pictures" in 1905. The verb "to make a movie of" is from 1899.

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