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Word Example of - finding

    Example Sentences for finding

    But great was Hatteras's anger at finding the way to the north closed!

    Pen and Jane were not finding the farmers' wives easy to influence.

    I asked, not finding that entertainment to the accompaniment of sabre-blows so glorious.

    Feeding them and finding their eggs is one of the country child's pleasures.

    Evidently there would be no trouble in finding a place to board.

    As to finding out who had done all this, she knew that it was out of the question.

    At the outset I was saved any anxiety by finding the river dirty.

    He, however, was too shrewd to give them a chance of finding that out.

    I may as well describe the mode of finding the honey the bee-hunters adopt.

    But the Florida season was over, and I anticipated no trouble in finding one.

Word Origin & History of - finding

    Word Origin & History of - finding

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