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Word Example of - finesse

    Example Sentences for finesse

    I admire especially the finesse and cleverness with which she has elaborated and carried out her beneficent scheme.

    We have no elaborate system, no finesse, no complicated issues to consider.

    How did Italian finesse and cunning blend and harmonize with the quick penetration and delicate tact of the Frenchwoman?

    Force was impracticable, and he resolved to resort to finesse.

    The shore-side Wrecker lords were always considered fair game, and there was no finesse in Rover raids upon them.

    He was far too excited for finesse, too eager—and he had been so willing to wait, once!

    You owe your Donship to a finesse of mine, so mention this, and you are undone, sirrah!

    All finesse of this kind, however, as Christians, I think it better to avoid.

    He has considerable information, and some finesse; or he could not be a Minister.

    Through his father's finesse, Paul moved in select London circles.

Word Origin & History of - finesse

    Word Origin & History

    finesse 1528, from M.Fr. finesse "fineness, subtlety," from O.Fr. fin "subtle, delicate" (see fine (adj.)). The verb is first attested 1746.