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Word Example of - finest

    Example Sentences for finest

    The Landscape with Ruins (No. 746) is perhaps the finest of the others there.

    After all, what is education in the finest sense, but the uplifting of the masses?

    The earliest specimen of oratory is also one of the finest specimens.

    Then you are doing the highest and finest thing of which you are capable.

    After all, in her finest moments, France has a positive genius for warfare.

    A man shall be more precious than gold, ay, than the finest of gold.

    The finest residence in Bhamo is, of course, the American mission.

    It is one of the finest pieces of American fiction that has been published for some time.

    "The finest bit of tile-work on this continent," he said, in a hushed voice.

    It has, from ten to twelve miles above its embouchure into Lake Ontario, one of the finest cataracts in the world.

Word Origin & History of - finest

    Word Origin & History

    fine c.1300, from O.Fr. fin "perfected, of highest quality," from L. finis "end, limit" (see finish); hence "acme, peak, height," as in finis boni "the highest good." In French, the main meaning remains "delicate, intricately skillful;" in English since mid-15c. fine is also a general expression of admiration or approval, the equivalent of Fr. beau (cf. fine arts, 1767, translating Fr. beaux-arts). Related: Finely; finer; finest. Fine print "qualifications and limitations of a deal" first recorded 1960. Fine-tune (v.) is 1969, a back-formation from fine-tuning (1924), originally in reference to receivers.

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