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Word Example of - finish

    Example Sentences for finish

    She did not allow him to finish; she said hastily that she must witness the contest.

    Finish off with calyx and seed cup, as in previous instruction.

    "Come back and set down, and finish your breakfast," shouted Si.

    He actually was to turn his work over to another man to finish.

    For a few, weak days he decided to remain and finish it all and forever.

    But only a calm setting to work to finish that reckless ship.

    Very well; as soon as they finish the badges you can help clear the room.

    “Well, I dare say we shall not be able to finish it,” said Sophia.

    From the beginning to the finish of the season, in this method of pruning, much pinching of laterals is required.

    I must finish my collar, or I shall not duly honour your sister in my first call.

Word Origin & History of - finish

    Word Origin & History

    finish mid-14c., from O.Fr. finiss-, stem of finir, from L. finire "to limit, set bounds, end," from finis "boundary, limit, border, end," of unknown origin, perhaps related to figere "to fasten, fix" (see fix). The noun is first attested 1790. Related: Finished; finishing. Finishing school is from 1836.

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