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Word Example of - finished

    Example Sentences for finished

    We decided at once on a trip abroad as soon as I had finished my work.

    This was to take place after the hearing at Cabillo was finished.

    He read on, and when he had finished the first paper he turned to the next.

    What passed until the meal was finished was of slight significance.

    Order a small meal, that you may have finished when he does.

    "Nineteen hundred and ninety," I added, when I had finished the count.

    Not that they were there finished off, decided upon, or meant to be so.

    Washburn reported that the engine was in order, and that the cleaning process was finished.

    If you had left me alone I'd have finished it ten minutes ago.

    A pile of personal objects lay on the table when he had finished.

Word Origin & History of - finished

    Word Origin & History

    finish mid-14c., from O.Fr. finiss-, stem of finir, from L. finire "to limit, set bounds, end," from finis "boundary, limit, border, end," of unknown origin, perhaps related to figere "to fasten, fix" (see fix). The noun is first attested 1790. Related: Finished; finishing. Finishing school is from 1836.

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