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"fire Synonyms"

What is a better word for fire? What's another word for fire? What are 5 "fire synonyms"? How can I replace the word fire? What is the meaning of fire in English?

Word Example of - fire

    Example Sentences for fire

    Rather than relinquish her, however, he would have set Rome on fire.

    What Riches give us let us then inquire: Meat, fire, and clothes.

    Had there been, he probably would have invited the visitor to walk to the fire and partake.

    "A fire that I only thought I saw surely wouldn't feel warm," she said.

    She believed that both the smoke and fire were caused by the serpent.

    The fire is real enough to warm me; I can sit in the chair; the things are real enough to eat.

    Unopened, he chucked them one by one into the fire, but stopped at the last.

    She was being tossed about by a raging sea and cut up by the fire from the guns.

    When they are gone the rest of the party once more draw in round the fire.

    He quickly rejoined his companions, his eyes ablaze with the fire of combat.

Word Origin & History of - fire

    Word Origin & History of fire

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