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Word Example of - fire-escape

    Example Sentences for fire-escape

    She was aware that it was raining, for the fire-escape outside shone wet in the light from a window across the narrow court.

    The arrow pointing to the fire-escape seemed full of menace.

    Then he explained how the fire-escape only paid Miss Ellis fifty dollars a day, whereas he was making hundreds.

    Like some of those in the shipwreck, she did not at first believe in the fire-escape.

    He and Susan went up to his room, raised the flooring, cut through the ceiling, and with the fire-escape rope dropped below.

    He waited not for a reply, but in another moment was on the fire-escape.

    Why didn't you tell them that you had seen me coming down that fire-escape?

    Now,” said Orme, “I am going to use your fire-escape for a little while.

    It was the end of a fire-escape, and a fireman rose out of the smoke just in front of him, seized the child, and handed it down.

    It goes down the fire-escape and stays about half an hour, and then comes back.

Word Origin & History of - fire-escape

    Word Origin & History of fire-escape

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