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Word Example of - firing

    Example Sentences for firing

    In the mean time our men were firing with muskets and shot-guns.

    All this while the Spanish gunboat had been firing away with all her might and main.

    He seemed not to hear, for, until the battle was over, his firing continued.

    The firing had probably been heard and the wreck of the merchantman seen.

    Firing deliberately, they began to cut gaps in the first ranks of the defenders on the slope.

    Just then the welcome sound of the firing of cannon to seaward reached their ears.

    By this time the firing on our front had dwindled down to irregular skirmishing.

    Every reasonable means was used to stop the firing, but they still kept it up.

    This indicated to the firing battery that the observer had not seen the last shot.

    If you stay they'll put you on the rack and get you all tangled up by firing questions at you.

Word Origin & History of - firing

    Word Origin & History

    fire c.1200, furen, figurative, "arouse, excite;" literal sense of "set fire to" is from late 14c., from fire (n.). The O.E. verb fyrian "to supply with fire" apparently did not survive into M.E. The sense of "sack, dismiss" is first recorded 1885 in Amer.Eng., probably from a play on the two meanings of discharge: "to dismiss from a position," and "to fire a gun," the second sense being from "set fire to gunpowder," attested from 1520s. Related: Fired; firing. Fired up "angry" is from 1824.

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