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Word Example of - firmament

    Example Sentences for firmament

    Now we know that there is no firmament, and we know that the waters are not divided by a firmament.

    In this yere were seyn at oones too fulle mones in the firmament.

    When he was actually at the base of its wall, it seemed to fill half the firmament and more than half the horizon.

    From my figure it was concluded that I was an inhabitant of the firmament.

    He is one of those 'splendours of the firmament of time' who 'may be eclipsed, but are extinguished not.'

    How long I know not, for in the firmament there is no division of night and day.

    A new light had loomed up in the firmament of the war, and people hailed the glorious star.

    The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament showeth his handiwork.

    Wasn't it Emerson who somewhere said that the firmament was the daily bread for one's eyes?

    Above them the firmament was suffused with a strange red glow.

Word Origin & History of - firmament

    Word Origin & History

    firmament mid-13c., from L. firmamentum "firmament," lit. "a support or strengthening," from firmus "firm" (see firm (adj.)), used in Vulgate to translate Gk. stereoma "firm or solid structure," which translated Heb. raqia, a word used of both the vault of the sky and the floor of the earth in the O.T., probably lit. "expanse," from raqa "to spread out," but in Syriac meaning "to make firm or solid," hence the erroneous translation.