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Word Example of - first

    Example Sentences for first

    You may be almost the first girl to apply, or you may be among the latest, but not the too latest.

    I went for him but I missed him, partly no doubt because it was really at first the Captain I was after.

    I should not be surprised if I were to recognize him the first time I met him face to face.

    From the first day I came upon you in the old library, we belonged to each other.

    She would have recovered her first surprise, and might feel easier with him.

    The first three days of the investigation were to be devoted to inspecting the dam.

    It was there and then this fatal epidemic first appeared in the United States.

    It was his first word with Pen since the walk to Wind Ridge.

    It was not at first that John could attend to him, and when he was able to do so he began to rattle on about his own affairs.

    Restoration of true Religion and Government on their first principle, v.285.

Word Origin & History of - first

    Word Origin & History

    first O.E. fyrst "foremost," superlative of fore; from P.Gmc. *furisto (cf. O.H.G. furist, O.N. fyrstr, Dan. første, O.Fris. fersta, M.Du. vorste "first," Ger. Fürst "prince"), superlative of *fur-/*for-, from PIE *pro- (cf. Skt. pura "before, formerly;" see pro-). First-class (1858) "is from the universities via the railways" [Weekley]; first-rate (1660s) is from classes of warships in the British navy. First aid is that given at the scene, pending the arrival of a doctor; firsthand (also first-hand, first hand) is attested from 1690s. First Lady as an informal title for the wife of ...a U.S. president was in use by 1908, short for First lady of the land.

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