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Word Example of - first-class

    Example Sentences for first-class

    I have been told that for first-class invalids they pay the munificent sum of fifty cents per thousand!

    After all, what finer work could there be than the rearing of a first-class American youth?

    No, no; that is the first-class quarters; you know that you have no right on the promenade deck.

    The first-class citizens who owned the plants had their own liaison.

    The inmates of these first-class houses remain in them about one year.

    Slashaway, I'm going to give the crew a first-class pep talk.

    The smoothly ordered life of the Oronta's saloon passengers was very much that of a first-class seaside hotel, say in Bournemouth.

    The public education, says he, in Sweden, and everything else there is first-class!

    But we doubt whether half a page of deliberately picturesque description can be found in any of Thackeray's first-class works.

    Nothing like a first-class “sensation,” sub-editors will tell you.

Word Origin & History of - first-class

    Word Origin & History of first-class

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