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Word Example of - first-rate

    Example Sentences for first-rate

    An excellent German culinary apple, of first-rate quality; it is in use from October till November.

    He had overhauled the boiler at New Orleans, and reported it in first-rate condition.

    Rome produced no first-rate master from her own children, if we except Giulio Romano.

    We have got a first-rate plan, and we shall have a tip-top time.

    I have often observed that in married households the champagne is rarely of a first-rate brand.

    Articles of luxury were in high request, and of them the supply was first-rate.

    Sir William Lockhart was not only a first-rate soldier, but also had a great gift for dealing with the native tribesmen.

    With the gig,—a first-rate craft of its kind,—the case would be different.

    I think, if it is not a paradox, he has not poetry enough for the formation of a first-rate judgment.

    She has a first-rate head on her shoulders for a girl of her age.

Word Origin & History of - first-rate

    Word Origin & History of - first-rate

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