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The Synonym of - first-string (noun)

Word Example of - first-string

    Example Sentences for first-string

    On Tuesday the first-string 'varsity men were back at work, with the exception of Benson, whose ankle was in pretty bad condition.

    There was no scrimmage until the first-string men had trotted off the field.

    She had replaced many of her first-string men, but her captain was still in and so was the quarter-back who had started.

    On Friday there was only signal work for the subs, but the first-string players and the second held scrimmage as usual.

    Dont, added the coach, fool yourselves with the idea that if you get in trouble Ill put the first-string men in to pull you out.

    Hughson and Joe were pitching magnificent ball, but they were the only first-string pitchers that could be absolutely relied on.

    The first-string men were given easy practice and faced the second for only ten minutes in scrimmage.

    So it went for nearly an hour, the substitutes gradually taking the places of the first-string players.

    With three first-string pitchers like Lefty and Jones and Savage, the team would have a fighting chance.

    With the exception of Clint at left tackle, the line-up consisted of first-string players.

Word Origin & History of - first-string

    Word Origin & History of first-string

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