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Word Example of - fit

    Example Sentences for fit

    When he was of a fit age she saw that he was sent to Winchester.

    It was a great vision, fit to cover the yearnings of the world.

    In a fit of generosity or ennui or something I pitch in and help.

    Ay; you may take him for good and all, if you will, for you have made him fit for nobody else.

    The curve at the end of the mold is cut out to fit and beveled in like manner.

    But I suppose my mansion will not be fit to live in for some weeks to come, if ever.

    You smell it, according to Snoozer, Harry said; this dog will have a fit in a minute.

    Popular opinion does not recognize its position as fit and just.

    Then fit in the other pieces, to complete the buckets, on the lines ab.

    I want a slush-bucket and a brush; I'm only fit for a roustabout.

Word Origin & History of - fit

    Word Origin & History

    fit 1823, "the fitting of one thing to another," later (1831) "the way something fits." Originally "an adversary of equal power" (mid-13c.), obscure, possibly from O.E. fitt "a conflict, a struggle" (see fit (n.2)). The verb meaning "be suitable" is probably from early 15c. and likely from the adjective. Related: Fitted; fitting.

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