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Word Example of - fitness

    Example Sentences for fitness

    If it had been true, however, it would have offended your sense of the fitness of things.

    What his qualifications, his fitness and his position in the science world of Philadelphia?

    Two persons, who were already in the society, were obliged to vouch on oath for the fitness of the candidate to be admitted.

    Quality, temperament, fitness, poise had nothing to do with his selection.

    Dignity, fitness, one's rightful place in life have their claims.

    Therefore he is looking about to find one who shall have spirit and fitness for the work.

    This is as it should be, and we can congratulate the North-Eastern Company for its discretion and its sense of fitness.

    That would have been altogether outside his sense of the fitness of things.

    I have tried three times to rear one of my name to fitness to bear it, and each one has failed except you.

    It is not years that are to be considered in this case, but fitness for work.

Word Origin & History of - fitness

    Word Origin & History

    fitness 1570s, from fit (adj.) + -ness.

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