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Word Example of - fix

    Example Sentences for fix

    I could only look away from him in horror, and fix my eyes on the ground.

    I want to fix my tribe's dream so firmly it can never be forgotten.

    "I will make a long glide if you can fix it in the meantime," said Ralph.

    It would not be wise to fix any country excursion for a few weeks to come.

    Hes the lad that must fix it up with the banker when the note is renewed.

    Go with this agent, who will fix it with the ship captain so you can go to sea.

    Well, you come here tomorrow, and we'll fix up suthin' to work her.

    The order was marching by149 fours to fix or unfix bayonets.

    Nobody knows what shell do with it, he added; shell want to fix it so the men cant get it.

    Rough words had been passed; and so, nothing but blood could fix it up after that.

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    Word Origin & History of fix

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