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What is a better word for fixer? What's another word for fixer? What are 5 "fixer synonyms"? How can I replace the word fixer? What is the meaning of fixer in English?

Word Example of - fixer

    Example Sentences for fixer

    “Oh, this ‘fixer’ will move it back in his trucks for a neat sum,” said Eleanor.

    Sometimes he had to call in a “fixer” to manufacture evidence, that the far-off ends of justice might not be defeated.

    By using such a fixer, the value of the resulting manure would be much enhanced.

    He sauntered out leisurely; he did not saunter out of the main door, or, if he did, the fixer failed to meet him.

    Tu ne seras pas tonn, mon ami, aprs une telle comparaison, que je me sois dcid me fixer ici.

    The fixer entered hurriedly, looking sharply around the almost vacant room, he whispered with the boss.

    The constable searched all night, and the fixer remained with him as long as he could keep pace with the officer.

    It was once my duty to run a race with a "fixer," and try to get the ear of a mayor of a town before he did.

    One of the best illustrations of how a town's officials sell themselves is embodied in the vile character known as "the fixer."

    Fixer des lois un abus, c'est l'autoriser et le rendre durable.

Word Origin & History of - fixer

    Word Origin & History of fixer

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