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What is a better word for fixing? What's another word for fixing? What are 5 "fixing synonyms"? How can I replace the word fixing? What is the meaning of fixing in English?

Word Example of - fixing

    Example Sentences for fixing

    Then fixing his spy-glass in his eye, he looked in the same direction; but either saw or affected to see nothing.

    Then, he swung to the merchant, fixing him with a stern glare.

    Dr. Bird dropped the films in a fixing tank and straightened up.

    Paul increased the use of these by fixing a day for his departure.

    It seems to me, therefore, highly probable that in fixing the site of Calvary the Empress was rightly guided.

    "I should have picked it up and returned it had I seen it," said Hay, fixing his eye-glass.

    From these three types we have succeeded in fixing and classifying forty-eight million phenomena.

    He was fixing a board to put over a hole in the plastering in his chamber.

    Less calm than he could have wished, Demetrios could not succeed in fixing his preoccupied thoughts.

    The fixing bath should not be allowed to get too warm in hot weather.

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