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Word Example of - flag

    Example Sentences for flag

    It will help you to realise more fully what your flag stands for.

    Flag that his forefathers had fashioned from the fabric of their vision, must the vision be forgotten?

    The latter also carries a flag—of nationality not so easily determined.

    That flag it heap pretty but wherever Injun see it he see sorrow and death for Injun.

    A flag flew from the top of a pole at the front of the house.

    The white tribe that made the flag is going, just as we have made you go.

    In the hoist for 220 the second flag was the "substitute," duplicating the numeral "2."

    We will have to hoist a flag of truce and take them out on this vessel.

    They saluted, and then said to him, ‘General, we ain’t got no flag.

    She's flying the White Ensign and an admiral's pennant, and, yes, a flag of truce.

Word Origin & History of - flag

    Word Origin & History

    flag "cloth ensign," late 15c., now in all modern Germanic languages, but apparently first recorded in English, origin unknown, but likely connected with flag (v.) or else, like it, onomatopoeic. A less likely guess is that it is from the flag in flagstone on notion of being square and flat. U.S. Flag Day (1894) is in reference to the adopting of the Stars and Stripes by the Continental Congress on June 14, 1777.

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