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Word Example of - flagging

    Example Sentences for flagging

    But what she was noticing was the flagging effort of his vivacity.

    Both the swimmers had already begun to show signs of flagging.

    He laid her gently upon the flagging, and ran to the Hall for water.

    Our spirits, which had been flagging, were revived by a pull at the bottle.

    The old man lifted his cane and brought it down on the flagging stones with a pump.

    And he went about it with a zest that knew no flagging, with a relish that nothing could impair.

    There was, at any rate, the excitement of seeing her to keep his spirits from flagging.

    The girls stooped and began examining every inch of the flagging.

    Observing that the dialogue was flagging, I caused the presents we had brought with us to be laid out.

    She gathered her flagging energy and got painfully upon her feet.

Word Origin & History of - flagging

    Word Origin & History

    flag "cloth ensign," late 15c., now in all modern Germanic languages, but apparently first recorded in English, origin unknown, but likely connected with flag (v.) or else, like it, onomatopoeic. A less likely guess is that it is from the flag in flagstone on notion of being square and flat. U.S. Flag Day (1894) is in reference to the adopting of the Stars and Stripes by the Continental Congress on June 14, 1777.

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