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Word Example of - flake-out

    Example Sentences for flake

    We had somewhat less than an ounce, to be sure; but that amount in flake gold bulks considerably.

    Bone and flake cold fish; season with salt and cayenne pepper.

    After that Fleetfoot took great pains to learn how to flake flint points.

    If you can find a piece of flint strike off a flake with a hammer-stone.

    But the Foam Flake jogged on and at last drew up beside the Bradley office.

    When Flaker did this, the flake, which had been only a knife, became a file as well as a saw.

    Presently, flake by flake, the first snow of winter drifted down.

    The wind had ceased, but the snow was still falling, here and there a flake.

    She and her packages and bags were tucked in the buggy and George unhitched the placid Foam 163 Flake.

    The impending snow hung over the city but not a flake had fallen as yet.

Word Origin & History of - flake-out

    Word Origin & History

    flake early 14c., possibly from O.E. *flacca "flakes of snow," from O.N. flak "loose or torn piece" (related to O.N. fla "to skin," see flay), from P.Gmc. *flak- (cf. M.Du. vlac "flat, level," M.H.G. vlach, Ger. Flocke "flake"); from the same PIE root as L. plaga "a flat surface, district, region." The verb is attested from early 15c. Related: Flaked; flaking.

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