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Word Example of - flame

    Example Sentences for flame

    The cricket fumbled the torch, and the flame fell on a powder fuse.

    The Tsar looked out to the spot where the blaze of flame had burst out.

    There is a whole crowd of them packed like herrings, and all fire and flame.

    Only with Sigurd on his back would Grani go through the flame.

    The sacred bush was in flame before us as in the olden time, and the place whereon we stood was holy ground.

    Now would they storm the City of the Gods and fill it with flame.

    A thick column of smoke rose to the sky, followed by a sharp crackling and long tongue of flame.

    Duckworth smiled as he held a flame to the tip of Turnbull's cigarette.

    At this time the air was extraordinarily still, the flame of a candle placed near the open door of the house did not flicker.

    Probably they thought that the breaking of the lantern had communicated the flame to the shanty.

Word Origin & History of - flame

    Word Origin & History

    flame mid-14c., from Anglo-Fr. flaume, O.Fr. flamme, from L. flammula "small flame," dim. of flamma "flame," from PIE *bhleg- "to shine, flash," from base *bhel- (1) "to shine, flash, burn" (see bleach). The meaning "a sweetheart" is attested from 1640s; the figurative sense of "burning passion" was in M.E. The verb is M.E. flamen, from O.Fr. flamer; the verb sense of "unleash invective on a computer network" is from 1980s. Flamer, flaming "glaringly homosexual" are homosexual slang from 1970s, but flamer "glaringly conspicuous person or thing" (1809) and flaming "glaringly conspicuous" (1781) ...are much earlier in the general sense, both originally with reference to "wenches." Flaming as an intensifying adj. dates from late 19c. Flame-thrower (1917) translates Ger. flammenwerfer (1915).

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