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Word Example of - flash-in-the-pan

    Example Sentences for flash

    He shook his fist at them savagely, then disappeared like a flash into the woods.

    In a flash he drew his revolver, but Clif was too quick for him.

    All this he said in one breath, in a flash of forked lightning, as it were.

    Chichester took in the situation in a flash of grieved insight.

    Then followed a crash and a flash over the place where the boys knew the capital lay in darkness and gloom.

    Then we remember, with a flash of despair, that we have no landing-net!

    You know my fun is a sort of fizz—there's nothing but a flash—nothing to hurt—no shotting.

    Then there was as it were a flash of steel in a dark shower.

    As soon as she was sound asleep, Jupiter like a flash of light sped over the sea to Egypt.

    Like a flash of light through the darkness, my own peril returned to her.

Word Origin & History of - flash-in-the-pan

    Word Origin & History

    flash late 14c., from flasken (c.1300) "to dash or splash" (as water), probably imitative. Related: Flashed. Sense of "give off a sudden burst of light or flame" is 1540s, as is the noun. Meaning "photographic lamp" is from 1913. Flash in the pan (1809) is from old-style guns, where the powder might ignite in the pan but fail to spark the main charge. Flash flood is from 1940; flash point (also flashpoint) is from 1878, figurative use by 1955.

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