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Word Example of - flatten

    Example Sentences for flatten

    He meant to flatten out a hundred feet or so above them and shout, "For I'm a rider of the sky!"

    Raise tacks and sheets, round with the main-yard, and flatten in forward.

    They had just time to flatten themselves against the crag, which, fortunately, hung over them.

    You could flatten out a piece of iron with your little lady-like arms.

    Cut another stick (H) an inch through and fifteen inches long, flatten a little on one side.

    When they struck the stones they were heard to flatten and fall into the water.

    They used to flatten their noses against the glass; sometimes a shopman drove them away; but they came back and back.

    Flatten, and be careful, especially in turning down the corners.

    I could practically see it flatten out on the road before it took off upward again, at twice the speed it had hit at.

    When all are sewn, remove the papers and flatten the seams with an iron.

Word Origin & History of - flatten

    Word Origin & History

    flatten late 14c., "to prostrate oneself," also "to fall flat," from flat + -en (1). Meaning "to make flat" is early 17c. Related: Flattened; flattening.